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Cirneco dell'Etna puppies for sale

Become the owner of a rare relict creature

Where and how we raise your puppy

cirneco dell'etna puppies I am a devoted breeder of Sicilian Dogs since 2007. My kennel is located in Belgium, near the coast. Our Cirneco dell'Etna puppies travel easily to UK or abroad by plane or channel.
They are raised at home, they are familiar with sounds as television, chairs moving, ... They spend a lot of their time playing outdoor, get precious vitamin D from the rays of the sun, train their small paws, walking on sand, play catch-up between trees, develop a hardy and strong muscled body in the safe environment of our puppy garden. For us it is a main goal to feed the best nutrition adapted to the needs of our puppies, therefore, we raise the pups with a natural nutrition, called BARF. This is the most healthy kick-off for our puppies.

In our kennel puppies grow not only physically, we also stimulate them to develop mentally! We teach them how they should walk on leash, We socialise them since the first day they are born and make them familiar with noises of the household, surroundings, as busy shopping streets, busses and cars, schoolbells, restaurants, we introduce them to different kind of animals during walking and make they love to meet children and receive cuddles of visitors.

The future owners, who are impatiently waiting to hug their new family member, receive regularly an infinite ocean of photos, allowing you to see the puppy growing and developing, we keep in touch since we are expecting puppies and share the news of your puppies life. We often take our pups to walk in nature and let them discover the world step by step. Our buyers are pleased as they receive besides the puppy a treasure of pictures of their 4 legged friend growing up within our household, discovering the nearby dunes, playing with Ambra and showing each step of their development

We are experienced in organizing shipment of puppies to any place in the world, our Cirneco Dell' Etna puppies touched land in UK, Ireland, Scotland, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, USA, Belgium...
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Feedback from the new owner

cirneco dell'etna puppy One month has passed since Cyrenensis Eroe, my Hero, entered my life and filled it with joy. An affectionate and courageous boy, playful and active outside, tender and calm at home, friendly to everyone, with an endless desire for training.When we met, he was already perfectly socialized with people and animals, he knew several commands, was trained to toilet outside. It’s easy to travel with him, he never becomes annoying at restaraunts, never begs for food — he knows almost everything that a young gentleman must know! And it’s a true pleasure to teach him more and more.

My life has changed with Eroe’s arrival, as if I had finally found the part that was missing. I’m an explorer myself, and now I’ve got a devoted companion for my trips and journeys, for my sportive exercises, for observing and admiring the nature. Sometimes he’s attentive and understanding, sometimes a little bit unruly, just like me, but he’s always kind and easy-going, and he loves hugs as much as running with the speed of light. :-)

Since our first conversation Diana directed and supported me with valuable advices, interesting stories and useful information. I found a new friend and a teacher who helps me to become a better owner for my pup. Each one of her puppies is a true piece of art, a priceless contribution to this ancient breed, but her attitude towards new owners is also a rare and admirable example of humanity and responsibility. She doesn’t make business, she makes the world better.

I wish Diana every success and I express my immense gratitude for raising Eroe, my fearless noble friend, my little extraterrestial. :-) We both send greetings to the blessed land of Sicily and to the wonderful family of Cyrenensis.

Cyrenensis Eroe - Cirneco dell'Etna from Greece.
Katerina Liakou, Thessaloniki

House training

As part of our focus on development and socialization, we begin training our puppies to have good manners inside the home. We guide them to not chew on electrical wires or furniture. We also begin house training the puppies. They learn not to relieve themselves indoors, but instead to go out to the garden. And, they learn that leash walking is for fun time, not potty time. The puppies learn to wait until they get to the garden where they are let off leash to run about and relieve themselves.

There will be a small learning curve, once you welcome your new cirneco puppy into your home. As you and your new family member start to know each other, you will begin to understand the signals that your small Sicilian dog wants to go out. Some puppies go to the door and cry, some run to the door and back to the owner -- as if they are telling you: please open this.

Other puppies initially seem to search for a door until they learn the layout of a new house. We cannot know exactly how a puppy will initially behave in a new place, but as they settle in and you get to know each other, your puppy will start to understand how to apply the new rules.

Purchasing and delivery of a puppy from Belgium

travelling with cirneco dell'etna puppy travelling with cirneco dell'etna puppy travelling with cirneco dell'etna puppy travelling with cirneco dell'etna puppy

Conditions for the import of animals to countries are different, but in general, countries require a vaccination against rabies (at the age of 3 months) and a periode of quarantine, being 1 month since their vaccination. So the puppy can travel since the age of 4 months. In that time, they do grow up within the cirneco pack, the dogs get a proper education within the pack, and we take the pups to several places to socialise them and prepare them for travelling.

There are 2 ways to pick up a puppy from Belgium.

1) Come to collect the puppy by yourself. We will be very glad to meet you! We prepare all the documents for the puppies trip and assist you at the airport.

2) We deliver the puppy to the nearest airport accompanied. This is a very easy and completely problem-free and secure way.
We have an experienced and trusted buddy who accompanies the puppy. The puppy travels in the cabine in a soft carrier, or in a carrier by car. During travelling all is taken care of, he monitors the puppies condition, gives water, food,... Keeps contact with me and the owner of the puppy. Tells where he is with the puppy, how the trip is going so far, if the puppy ate, how he feels. Sends photo from the trip. By arrival at the airport you meet the traveler with the puppy. He will give you all the necessary documents and hand over his puppy.

Often owners worry, or are afraid of the puppies long journey travelling to home, worrying that he will get stressed. No need to worry. At this age (16 weeks) the puppies are very curious, and for them it is an adventure, rather than an ordeal. This is already visible at the airport. The puppy enjoys of new acquaintances, people who pet him, endless attention, new surroundings and experiences. After all, the puppy has already passed his first socialization by us, he is familiar with traffic noises, transport in a pet carrier. After a lot of fun and having new impressions at the airport, the puppy sleeps safely and serenely during his flight :-)
In the weeks before the puppy travels I make him familiar with a box, so he feels comfortable during the trip, he recognises his carrier as his bed. For his travelling I give a blanket with the smell of the mama.

Some price indications for delivery service to different destinations you can find on the page 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Cirneco dell'Etna

Contact the breeder

If you are interested to buy a puppy and to order shipment, to get more information about the breed and to ask any questions about our dogs and puppies, contact us. You are also welcome to visit our Sicilian dogs at home, to meet this ancient breed of Sicily!

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We are happy to help you with shipment of one of our puppies to any country.

Diana Elisova, kennel Cyrenensis


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