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Cirneco dell'Etna puppies for sale from Sicily
Become the owner of a rare relict creature

cirneco dell etna puppies for sale

We have newborn puppies in our kennel!

Date of birth: 1st of September 2019

We have 6 puppies in the litter: 1 boy and 5 girls.
This is the first litter sired by our young male Greco. The puppies carry very valuable antique sicilian bloodline. We are expecting they will be very stylish, with beautiful expressive heads and a very dense coat.

If you are interested to buy a Cirneco dell'Etna puppy
and to order shipping,
call +39 388 179 2 967 (Sicily).

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Puppies available at our friends' kennel DEL GELSO BIANCO

The oldest and most famous Sicilian kennel "Del Gelso Bianco" offers puppies of legendary blood lines. There are several puppy boys and girls of different ages (from 3 to 8 months) available.
Dogs of this kennel have a deep color, high, strong ears, beautiful heads, good size and very valuable genes.

If you are interested to buy a Cirneco dell'Etna puppy and to order shipping,
call +39 333 217 5570 (Sicily).

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cirneco dell etna puppy

An offer from our friend, breeder IRENE MAGRI

Ettore - young cirneco male. Beautiful and very playful boy. He will be a great companion and kind family member.

If you are interested to buy a Cirneco dell'Etna puppy and to order shipping,,
call +39 347 878 7944 (Sicily).

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cirneco dell etna puppies for sale cirneco dell etna puppies for sale

Breeder Irene Magri.
Puppies born, father of the litter is our Rocco. There are 3 puppies available: 2 boys and 1 girl.
All puppies of this litter are beautiful, stylish, very sociable!

If you are interested to buy a Cirneco dell'Etna puppy and to order shipping,,
call +39 347 878 7944 (Sicily).

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Where and how we raise your Cirneco dell'Etna puppy

cirneco dell'etna puppies I am the breeder of Cirneco dell'Etna since 2007. Our kennel is located in the homeland of the breed, Sicily. The touch of the Southern sun gives to our puppies an incredible health boost! They spend a lot of their time playing outdoor, get precious vitamin D from the rays of the sun, train their small paws, walking on soil and climbing stones, play catch-up between our olive trees, develop a hardy and strong muscled body in the safe environment of our puppy garden. For us it is a main topic to feed the best nutrition adapted to the needs of our puppies, therefore, we raise the pups with a natural nutrition, called BARF. This is the most healthy kick-off for the Cirneco dell'Etna puppies.

In our kennel puppies grow not only physically, we also stimulate them to develop mentally! We teach them how they should walk on leash, we socialise them and make them familiar with the noises of the household, surroundings, as busy shopping streets, busses and cars, schoolbells, restaurants, we introduce them to different kind of animals during walking and make them comfortable with children and strangers.

The future owners, who are impatiently waiting to hug their new family member, receive regularly an infinite ocean of photos, allowing you to see the puppy growing and developing, we keep in touch since we are expecting puppies and share the news of the puppies life. We often take our pups to walk in the Sicilian nature and let them discover their home territory and mount Etna. Our buyers are pleased as they receive besides the puppy a treasure of pictures of their 4 legged friend growing up near the background of the great Etna!

We are experienced in organizing shipment of puppies to any place in the world, our puppies touched land with their paws in Colombia, Brazil, Russia, UK, USA, Belgium...
Read more information Where and how we raise your Cirneco dell'Etna puppy


cirneco dell'etna puppy Some 7 months ago we decided it was time to find a new member of our family. We had talked a lot about which breed we wanted. We had seen a Cirneco at a dogshow and thought it to be a very interesting breed to have. We met some owners of Cirneco and was intriged by this breed.
Well, 7 months ago we searched for breeders of Cirneco and Diana appered. We send an e-mail with some (read: a lot!) of questions. Diana had puppies at the time, but they were all asked for. Luckily she had plans for a litter later this year. A lot of mails and pictures of pregnancy and puppies followed.

Whenever we had a question, Diana replyed quick, we felt well taken care of in the process.
When the first pictures of the puppies came by e-mail, we at once had a favorite. But we had to wait 7 more weeks before Diana decided which puppy were the right one for us. We were very happy that she chose the same puppy as our favorite. We even had the opportunity to name the puppy! So her name is: Cyrenensis Bahira Aquila.

Now came the challenges of getting Aquila to Denmark, all the paperwork had to be in order, a courier failed to deliver, so tickets had to be booked.... We decided to travel to Sicily and get her ourselves.
This might be the best choice we made. I was picked up in the airport, we drove to a very cosy hotel, which Diana had booked for me, had dinner and a very nice evening together.

In the morning I was picked up at the hotel and went to see Dianas dogs and puppies. It was very interesting to see how Diana works with her dogs. And she does work hard training. At the age of 11 weeks Aquila is able to walk on a free leash, calm down on command, walk calmly in a crowd and pay no attention to traffic and other noisy things. Aquila has the skills and mentally strenghts as a far older dog!

Well, we spend the day on Etna, in Catania and last in the airport. Aquila behaved very well. In the airport Diana was very helpfull everything was taken care of so I had the easiet checkin ever. After 3 hours of flying we landed in Copenhagen. Aquila was a little anxious but she settled down when she met the rest of the family.

At home Aquila invaded our home and hearts! Our other dogs is well together. It is clear that Diana has introduced her puppies to other dogs.
All in all, it will be difficult to find a breeder that put so much effort in her work and who will help you as much as Diana does.
We will consider Diana and her family friends for lifetime.

Brian and Liselotte Kaagaard, Denmark
Proud owner of Cyrenensis Bahira Aquila

Buying and Training Cirneco Dell Etna Puppies

The day that you pick up cirneco dell etna puppies is an exciting one for you and your family. When you get this breed of dog from a reputable breeder, you’ll have a loyal friend that can keep you company and keep you busy during the day.

Training Cirneco Dell Etna Puppies

As part of our focus on development and socialization, we begin training our cirneco puppies to have good manners inside the home. We guide them to not chew on electrical wires or furniture. We also begin house training the puppies. They learn not to relieve themselves indoors, but instead to go out to the garden. And, they learn that leash walking is for fun time, not potty time. The puppies learn to wait until they get to the garden where they are let off leash to run about and relieve themselves.

There will be a small learning curve, once you welcome your new cirneco dell'etna puppy into your home. As you and your puppy start to know each other, you will begin to understand the signals that your small Cirneco dog wants to go out. Some puppies go to the door and cry, some run to the door and back to the owner -- as if they are telling you: please open this.

Other puppies initially seem to search for a door until they learn the layout of a new house. We cannot know exactly how a puppy will initially behave in a new place, but as they settle in and you get to know each other, your puppy will start to understand how to apply the new rules.

Why a Cirneco Dell Etna for Sale Makes an Excellent Companion

The Cirneco dell etna is a top-quality dog that’s known for its loyalty, its energy and for being a hard working dog. Adopting one is an excellent decision for all the following reasons. That’s why many people continue to look for this beautiful dog breed today.

The Cirneco Dell Etna Takes to Training Well

One of the biggest benefits of adopting a dog from this breed is that they are simple to train. The energetic little dog is for sale all over the country, and is capable of learning advanced training commands and being a reliable little dog. With a bit of training you’ll be able to teach this hound how to roll over, to fetch, to sit, stay and a bunch of other more advanced commands.

If you have a child, bonding with this puppy is an excellent experience that can help teach them responsibility. Make sure that the child has a chance to meet the puppy at the time of adoption as well to encourage bonding and to let them have a role in choosing the dog that you bring home.

Finding a Good Breeder

Before you adopt a cirneco dell etna dog from a breeder, it’s important that you require all the necessary paperwork and that you see the parents of the dog. That’s the only way that you’ll know for sure that this small breed dog has a quality blood line and that you’ll get a dog with a good temperament. Look closely at the coat of the dogs to ensure they are in good health, and then you can move on with the adoption. Don’t just jump toward the first cirneco dell etna puppies for sale, and instead look for a high quality supplier that’s going to give you exactly the dog that you want.

The Cirneco Dell Etna Thrives on Exercise

If you’re looking for an active dog reed that will keep you busy throughout the day, the cirneco dell etna is an excellent companion. That’s because this dog is highly energetic and requires plenty of exercise daily. That means that you need to be prepared to walk your dog and play games like fetch on a regular basis. This will help your dog feel loved and to behave properly while inside the house.

Adopting a cirneco dell etna hound is a major decision, but it’s one that can leave you with an excellent companion if you choose carefully. Look for a local hound that is for sale and be careful to get him or her from a reputable breeder. That’s the best way to ensure that you’ll have a good ownership experience and that you get an excellent companion you’ll grow to love over time.

Contacts of the breeder

If you are interested to buy a Cirneco dell'Etna puppy and to order shipping, to get more information about the breed and to ask any questions about our dogs and puppies, contact us. You are also welcome to visit our kennel and to get an unforgettable impression of the Sicily!

call +39 388 179 2967 (Sicily)
We are happy to help you with shipment of one of the puppies to any country.

Diana Elisova, kennel Cyrenensis


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