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About Cirneco dell'Etna kennel Cyrenensis

beautiful Sicily

Where we are

Our Cirneco dell'Etna kennel is situated in the homeland of the breed, the beautiful island Sicily. Sun, mountains, rivers, the sea, the ideal ecology- what could be better!
We live at the foot of Mount Etna, in the area of ​​Bronte, Province of Catania. Our area is famous for the cultivation of pistachios, our landscape is determined by ornate gardens which form a patchwork with fields of silvery olive trees. It is a stunning view!

Our cirnechi are true members of our family. They live among us in our house and garden, not in a cage or in an isolated place. Most of the day they spend outdoors in the garden. Sunbathing, interacting with eachother, hunting lizards and birds. We offer our dogs an active lifestyle, we go to the river often or take them out in the mountains for long walks. It stimulates them to develop their natural behaviour and avoids being bored.

Growing our dogs

cirneco dell etna puppies, 3 weeks old. Kennel Cyrenensis, Sicily In the kennel we believe in a naturalistic approach to BARF nutrition and breeding. We start from the main idea- nature shows you the best way. Nature provides the answer and solution to any problem.
This means that the puppies are born in our kennel, optimally developed and the best prepared for all of their future life. They are resilient for all kind of problems they will meet.

Our puppies train their legs with their first steps, walking on pebbles and grass. Since the age of 3 weeks, they get raw meaty bones, by removing meat from those bones they make movements which involve and develop the whole entire spine. It is a pledge of strong legs, chiseled body, the beautiful neck, healthy bones and, as a consequence, we reduce the chances of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system (dysplasia, dislocations, ligament weakness, weak joints ...) to a minimum.

This early natural training of all of the skeleton is quite impossible to achieve by feeding "lazy" food such as (the usual commercial) dry and ready foods. When the puppy just greedily fills his belly, without making any effort for it. They inevitably gain weight, becoming teddy bumpkins, barely able to move and overloading muscles and joints.

We do believe that puppies have to grow slowly. Skeletal development has to be slow enough and should keep up with the development of the puppy in general. We do not encourage rapid growth by feeding bags of dry food, which, unlike the raw natural food, contains, too much protein and carbohydrates, causing accelerated growth of bones and muscles. It is a quick-win, but is it high-quality and sustainable?

walking with a puppy in the main shoppingstreet of Catania
An important moment in the formation and behaviour of the dog is the effective socialization during the period they are receptive for it. Even before the first vaccination, we take puppies in our hands and take them out to walk. Puppies get used to the noises, smells and impressions of a street, people, several kinds of transport… After vaccination and a small period of quarantine, we walk with young puppies, make them familiar with the collar and leash, giving a clue about the rules of conduct, encourage interaction with people, being kind and brave.

In addition, our binding (!) program of socialization includes a trip with the puppy by car and visinting cafes and restaurants. A puppy copes with the different situations and learns to behave with dignity even at the table.

This work with puppies demands huge amounts of energy and time. But the result is worth it! The owners of our puppies mention that they have a smart and "easy" puppy who got a primarly education. (read reviews) Allthough the pleasure is all ours, a Cirneco in fact, is a very intelligent creature. With an incredible amount of energy that the owner only needs to guide in the right direction :-)

on the top of Etna! Our puppies meet tourists.

The purpose of our kennel

Our primarly mission is to find loving, caring owners for our puppies and to bring joy to people, giving them the opportunity to meet this wonderful breed and to live with one of them.
I sincerely want to share with you my happiness! This purpose is above the highest professional goals.

In addition, we have a purpose in breeding and selection.
In the breed Cirneco dell'Etna I especially appreciate a beautiful head, nice strong ears of correct form and their style and appearance in general. These three components make this breed memorable, unusual and incredibly beautiful!

Often, because of the focus on anatomy, colour, etc., the main beauty of these dogs, their "business card" get’s somewhat lost. It is mainly because of this beauty I, and many others with me, fell in love with this breed. Many beautiful dogs pass away, leaving no trace. Breeding lines are gone into oblivion, taking with them the spirit of the breed. I want to preserve the uniqueness of the breed!

antic map of Cyrenaica

What does it means the name of Cyrenensis kennel?

Our kennel was born in November 2007. With our first cirneco Ambra... Soon the second followed. We registered Cyrenensis name in 2013.
The name who go into our mind refers to the origin of the breed Cirneco dell'Etna. The name "Cyrenensis" translates from Latin as "from Cyrena."
Latin pronunciation Cyrena – “Tsirena”. Greek pronunciation- Kirena. the Italian way - Chirena.

Cyrenaica is a historical region in North Africa, the center of which is the city Cyrene (Cyrena). This area is located in the territory of modern Libya. It was founded by the ancient Greeks in 74 BC, the region became a Roman colony. Cyrenaica became an important export region for wine, horses and wild animals.

In his scientific papers Aristoteles describes a breed of dog born out of the crossing of a domestic dog with an Abyssinian wolf (Canis Sinensis). He is known as the Ethiopian wolf. This is the only wolf in Africa, and one of the rarest animals in the world.
Aristotle classified the ‘emerged’ breed as the "Dog from Cyrene".
These dogs were brought to Sicily by the Phoenicians, where the breed continued to develop his uniqueness.
The etymology of the name "Cirneco" has its roots in this version of the Aristotledog from Cyrene. More precisely, from the Greek Kyrenaikos, whence it passed into Latin Cyr (e) naecus. the E in the middle of the word got lost and merged in a diphthong AE. The Sicilian dialect absorbed this latin word and formed it into Cirnecu (chirneku- Sicilian dialect).

Sicilian, Dr. Walter Pistorio from our village, explained to me why Cirnechi are coloured like sand. For hunting animals is extremely important to intermingle in surroundings, to be invisible. It’s is visible that the color of Cirnechi is similar with the color of Egyptian sand. A running movement of Cirnechi repeats the form of sand dunes. It is an incredible truth and a beautiful observation!


Fledgelings of our kennel live around the world: Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, America, Colombia, United Kingdom, Sweden...
Usually, if the owner(s) are not able to pick up their puppy personally, we offer delivery service with our experienced courier, who makes sure your puppy is delivered safely and gentle by plane.
But we are always happy to welcome customers at our home. Visit us in Sicily!

We will introduce our dogs to you. We will show local attractions and, of course invite you to climb Etna! We will taste traditional Sicilian cuisine and local wines. And introduce you to Sicilians. You have a unique opportunity to see Sicily from inside, not as a tourist. And I'm sure you will have sun and a joyful experience in the homeland of Cirneco dell'Etna!

To give our puppies a good start in the new family, and to make the move to their new family more easy,
each owner of our puppy receives a gift:

* a book unveiling the secrets of the breed (Il Cirneco dell'Etna, Domenico Tricomi),
* a collar and leash of Lupine (our Nastya wore it from 3 months to a year!), beautiful design and excellent quality of lifetime guarantee, even if chewed!
* a blanket for the puppy with the smell of mom (which helps the puppy to make more easily the move to a new family),
* a small bag for vetpasport with the picture of mama to make sure the puppy has always his documents with him,
* and... a piece of Etna! (as magical and original as the puppy :-)


I am grateful to my parents, Elisova Liubov and Andrey, who taught me to respect and love people. Without that, my kennel would not have the heart and soul.
I thank
my friend, Olga Zyryanova, for her believe in me, for her optimism, wisdom, and support, talent to energize and enthusiasm to change the world for the better. She is my Muse!
I am also grateful to my friend, Myriam Deboysere, for the love of our breed. For the unanimity and support. For non-stereotypical thinking and openness to the world. It is for me a great example.

Many thanks to my professional friends, colleagues, Elena Kratko and Elena Butenko. For the immense knowledge they share with me. For the professional support and fruitful work together over the years.
Special thanks and low bow to all owners of our puppies for the trust and the believe in the kennel, for the love and care that you give your dogs. If stars are lit, it means there is someone who needs it! You inspire me!


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