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Cirneco dell Etna pictures. Photo albums.

walk with cirneco dell etna in Belgium Cyrenensis walk in Belgium
100 pictures of our enchanting summer walk at the beach with Cyrenensis furkids!
Enjoy of swimming and smiling cirnechi :-) Proud owners sharing love for the breed.
A unique meeting of many similar, red and cheerful dogs and their enthousiast owners.

Sicily cirneco pictures Sicily
Get in the summer mood by looking at pictures of sunny Sicily!
Pictures of Ambra and Era on the top of volcano Etna, Sicilian nature and life.

Sicily cirneco puppies pictures Cirneco dell'Etna puppies
Energised and tanned by the Sicilian sun!
Collection of the best photos of our puppies from the age of newborn until 4 months old.
See how our puppies are raised, with a touch of nature. Happy, healthy and developed!

cirneco dell etna Onze hond Our dogs in the Dutch magazine
Era and Birba in the magazine ONZE HOND (june 2014)
read more

cirneco dell etna pictures Pictures of our oldest dog Ambra
There are pictures of 2012 (Belgium) and earlier years (Russia) in the album.

photo of cirneco Photo album of the female Birba
Our cirneco imported from Sicily.

pictures of cirneco dog Photo album of our favourite Era
Beautiful pictures of the beautiful dog :-)
Enjoy :-)

pictures of pregnant cirneco Pregnant cirnechi :-)
From slenderness to plump :-)
There are pictures of Ambra in different periods of pregnancy.

photo cirneco Photo shoot for advertising of SUZUKI GRAND VITARA
That was in Volgograd (Russia) for A-Motors company.
Ambra at pictures :-)

photo cirneco dell etna Photo album of our young superstar Arte Antica Luciana.

cirneco dell etna puppies pictures Pictures of the first Ambra's litter.
Litter A puppies.
Photos since the first days.

photo cirneco puppies Photos of the second Ambra's litter
Litter E puppies.
The mother is Ambra, the father is Barbaresco.
Pictures of newborn puppies and their developing. Nice photos in lavender.

cirneco puppies photo Photos of the third Ambra's litter
Litter A puppies.
the mother is Ambra, the father is Willy.
Our sicilian litter.

cirneco dell etna dog pictures Photo album of Energia Eolica

pictures of cirneco male Photo album of the cirneco male Eterno Ottimista
The beautiful male of our breeding. He lives in Russia (Moscow) and available for matings.

cirneco dell etna photo Photos of Ezzo
Ezzo is the spoilt child of fortune :-) Lucky with his owners!


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