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BARF- healthy nutrition for your cirneco

I've been going to tell you about cirneco nutrition.
But I was waiting for the time when I have not the only dog, but a pack of "Raptors", that will show their natural instinct as large as life and reveal their true preferences in food.
You think, one Cirneco dell Etna in the family is just a dog of cirneco breed? It is not so! It is another child in the family, it is a Friend with a capital F. We have to take care of our family members, and even in a nightmare can't I imagine my dog's dinner is French fries, generously presented from my table.

With the gradual increase in the number of cirneco in our house, their diet gradually changed as well.
But it was so easy to feed our first dog dry food ! She did eat it, of course(the best brands), but just like the kids eat cereal. And because of the fact that she ate it reluctantly, she often seemed skinny,having not extremaly good coat and I often noticed "frost" of dandruff on it's hair .

barf I consciously named my pack of dogs raptors. By the way, these dinosaurs were remarkably intelligent. Well, just like our dogs :-) Also, Cirneco, in my view, is a relic animal.
"Raptor" - the Latin word, translated as "taking prisoners", "Thief".
They are thives, of course. Well, today I received an e-mail from the Vento's (our puppy) owner. -Stole from the table the raw dough and ate it - the message said. Can't believe that Vento doesn't imagine his life without this dough! But stealing is so interesting- instinct says. It does not matter whether it is the dough or a piece of an onion. All that falls in the kitchen from the cutting board is caught on the fly and eaten up to the end ..

There is no logic in their food preferences. They would make a feast of fruits and would be completely happy.
A picture of Sicilian Supper is drawn in my head ...Cirneco is sitting there on the bench among swollen volcanic rocks, and eatting a just caught rabbit mixing it with red oranges ...
The first part of the story is logical enough. Cirneco are excellent hunters, and rabbits are their natural food, typical of the region, where these dogs came from. And what can be better than the natural food?

In addition, the rabbit is not just valuable fur, and also (for you to understand):
dietary low-fat meat (protein and amino acids!),
medium-sized soft bones (calcium and phosphorus!),
cartilage (collagen and polysaccharides!),
ext. organs, including the liver (vit. A!),
stomach with half-digested contents of the plant (fiber, iron, vit.V, pantothenic acid, biologically active substances).

barf You should know what part of the carcass predators eat first. Not? That is stomach. Directly with the silage, which was inside. In my opinion, red orange, after such a complex meal is just humiliatingly inappropriate and unnecessary at all.
I have, nevertheless, an unhealthy fantasy for a person with 16-year vegetarian diet ... But my dogs do not have to support me in my moral choice of lifestyle.
They need MEAT!

And that should not be some sort of weird dry food, but a variety of natural flavors, colors and smells ...
Oh the smells! They play an important role in the life of a dog. Have you ever sniffed the beef farding bag (stomach)? brrr! Dogs are crazy about it! It is delicious for them.
We did not claim the food to be so carefully chosen to include only rabbits. Moreover,a hungry Cirneco can eat a mouse and have a lizard-snack. Their meals in nature are also very variegated.

PHOTO SHOWS: What do we have for lunch today? 2 species of birds (chicken and duck), a half chicken liver, goat farding bag , carrot.

So we have to buy a freezer specially for dog food, that we fill with the following products:
chicken necks, breasts, wings, stomachs, livers. Turkey. Rabbit backs, internal organs. Duck thighs and legs. Raw beef or sheep farding bags . Beef and lamb.
In addition, we buy frozen pellets of milled meat products with a low content of cereals.
And Voilà, menu for each day of our dogs is ready!

barf nutrition
Here is an example of weekly diet for our dogs.

Monday: Chicken + half chicken liver+ chicken stomach;
Tuesday: rabbit + half chicken liver +goat farding bag;
Wednesday: Beef farding bag + duck + duck leg;
Thursday: lamb + chicken wings;
Friday: raw saltwater fish (such as capelin. entirely);
Saturday: beef + liver + chicken neck;
Sunday: boiled or raw eggs

PHOTO. Feeding our dogs. In every pack there must be discipline. Dogs are waiting for a command "Bon Appetit!"

All components can be combined freely with each other, but the principle remains the same: the dog should get a little raw meat + raw bones+ raw by-product daily. In a bowl, I just throw a small piece of any vegetable I have at home.
Farding bag is firstly eaten as the favorite. Then, what can quickly swallowed ( small soft pieces, fillets, by-products, vegetable).
barf And finally for a starter there is a piece with a bone (neck, wing, leg). Which can crunched in front the nose with to spite your neighbor, growl at him, show their protective instinct!

Do not be afraid to give a dog a medium-sized bone of hare, rabbit or bird. They are exactly of that size which your dog can easily crack and digest. (Just look at their teeth!) Mind: bones are given raw ! They are safe, as they are more flexible and cracked, they do not have such sharp splits, as boiled. Also, cooked bones are poorly digested and can cause intestinal obstruction.

Dog's stomach is able to shrink and stretch greatly, this is due to a large irregular supply of food: prey may not occur for several days, but once it is caught - it is necessary to eat for the future use. Two features must be taken into account. Dogs belch surplus of food and hides it for a "rainy day."

A sign in our family that is true, if Era has a black nose - it means, that our garden has another reserve for a "rainy day" :-)..
In addition, It is naturally to fast for dogs- so if you keep your dog at home mostly, it is useful to arrange fasting days. It is especially recommended for dogs older then 5 years.

When you feed dogs with natural products it is important to consider one overriding rule. To get all nesessary from food: vitamins and trace minerals, you have to provide your dog with the maximum dietary diversity . Monodiet is unacceptable! That is why in our freezer it is so many varietis of meats and by-products.
Vitamins and supplements we give during pregnancy period and when feed puppies. During other periods additional vitamins are not necessary.

Daily rate of natural dog food is easy to calculate.
Puppies should get 6-7% of their(dogs) weight. Adult dogs -2-3% of weight.
For example, Ambra weighs 10 kg. Her daily rate is about 300 grams of raw food. Getting this rate, she is in excellent condition.
Daily rate also depends on the dog's activity, sport activities or breeding use (males), as well as on special periods in the dog's life (pregnancy, nursing puppies).
If your dog has previously eaten dry food, you need to go to a raw food diet gradually. Watching the reaction of the body of the dogs on that or another product, the general condition and health and their stool.

Ever since we transfered our dogs to natural food, we can note the excellent results.
Our dogs coat condition has improved considerably. It always looks sleek and well-groomed,has no dandruff. Ecdysis is softer, bald dogs have gone. In addition, our dogs do not suffer allergy ( on dry food that was often). Dogs are active, cheerful and happy. Healthy physically and mentally!

Copyright by Diana Elisova,
kennel Cyrenensis


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