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cirneco dell etna Cyrenensis Nastya

Cirneco dell Etna
Cyrenensis Nastya


breeder and owner Diana Elisova,
kennel Cyrenensis (Sicily)

DNA test for Inherited Diseases

F litter

Date of birth 21 June 2014.

She looked straight in the face of the fiery sun and coquettishly narrowed her small eyes. Languid little body melted peacefully under her soft fur into an impressive cat pose, blissfully taking her sunbath under the mask of colorful summer and beams of hot sun rays. Not a muscle should move... Otherwise, all heliotherapy is down the drain...

Only red-hot ears, living separate lives from her body, followed an old biplane, that flying low over our house woke by its rumbling roar the neighborhood dogs, who immediately burst into amicable barking, accompanying each other.

What is she thinking? What thoughts are there in her pretty head? I cannot read them. But she reads mine. The curious inhabitant of my head... Very comfortable, by the way, when someone innocuous-wordless always knows what's on your mind...
Guest from the Future ... The strange cirneco dell etna creature... It is not a dog anymore. Therefore, her name is- Nastya* (*Russian human name). And everything is beautiful in her- soul and body...

We look thoughtfully at the vanishing plane together, and I think that if I had to fly to Mars,.. and would be allowed to take only one, the most necessary dog... the Martian meteorites collar would go to her...
Nastya suddenly alarmed, as if an unexpected thought came to her, playfully jumped and wet kissed me on the nose, stole a pen from my notebook and ran to play.
I replied- I love you too...


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