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Cirneco Dell'Etna. A long journey out and back ...

Article with our Cirneco puppy in the magazine MYNDE 12.2016-46

cirneco dell etna in the magazine MYNDE The story of why we got a Cirneco Dell'Etna. It took us about a year to get a Etna dog, as it is called in Danish or Sicilian greyhound, as it is also known... We call it a Cirneco Dell'Etna.

It all started when we were at a dog show, where we saw a Cirneco. We thought it was an exciting dog, sweet and loving, beautiful and elegant to look at. We have an Italian Greyhound, Tesla (Life Companion Jean) who missed a playmate with the same energy level. So, we were looking for an Italian Greyhound but they do not grow on trees, while we had a Cirneco in mind. The choice fell on a Cirneco due to a number of coincidences.

A search for a breeder started. It soon became clear that they neither grow on trees. There were breeders in Sweden and Finland and Italy, which had, or planned, puppies. 2 inquiries in Sweden brought no response, 1 in Finland had devoted all hers beforehand, both those she had and those in the next planned litter. After a long and fruitless search in Scandinavia, our eyes looked on southern skies. On coincidence we found Kennel Cyrenensis who had puppies. We wrote to the breeder, Diana, who quickly wrote back that the puppies were set aside. She also wrote that she later this year had planned a second litter. We could be considered potential buyers.

Then followed a long series of emails back and forth, in which we got a lot of information. The end of it was that we requested a puppy girl. There were reservations from Diana's side. She could only pledge we could buy a puppy if it had the right qualities.

Then began the long wait. The mother had to go in heat and there could well be a long time before it happened. So should pairing happen and then there had to go 60 days before the puppies were born. And we would then have to wait until the puppies were 7 weeks old before Diana would approve them for sale. And there had to be a female puppy in the litter ... It was there! Diana was very nice to send a lot of pictures, from 14 days before the expected birth onwards. Approximately every week we got pictures and descriptions of the puppies and their experiences so that we could read about how they have been socialized. Already from the first picture of the puppies we chose our favorite. It was perhaps a little dangerous as it was not certain that this was ours. Fortunately Diana chose this puppy as the most suitable. We were so privileged that we were allowed to name the puppy. She came to be called; Cyrenensis Bahira Aquila. Aquila in daily life.

In consultation with Diana we chose a courier solution. It is a bit scary and complicated the first time having to import a puppy, so we chose the easy way out ... we thought... The courier stood us up, unfortunately a few times and we stood in the position that the courier MIGHT deliver the day before the puppy was 12 weeks . So began the panic to spread, we looked into rabbiesvaccine and 3-week quarantine, downturn! Necessity is the mother of all invention .... We got track of all documentation from the autohorities, at Tuesday evening we found an approved transport box at DBA, picked itup on wednesday afternoon in Korsor. Ordered flight ticketswWednesday night, there was only one seat back to Copenhagen Saturday evening, with departure on Friday morning to Catania via Rome. On thursday morning, I asked for a day off on the job and Friday morning I sat on the plane.

cirneco dell etna in the magazine MYNDE Diana had been so good to book a hotel near where they lived. Although the plane from Rome to Catania were delayed more than three hours, I was picked up at the airport by Diana, her husband and Aquila. They had also made sure that the chef was at the hotel until we arrived late that evening. Saturday was a scheduled day trip. And when you buy a Cirneco Dell’Etna, one must take a walk on Mount Etna. Before then, I had seen Aquila´s mother and the rest of the litter and Diana dogs. We did all the paperwork at a local cafe, where the breakfast was consumed. From there we took the rest of the trip, which ended in Catania. Throughout the trip we talked about Cirneco Dell'Etna dogs, dog training and much more. Late in the afternoon we drove to the airport where Diana helped during check-in, so language difficulties were completely avoided. It was probably the easiest check-in that I have ever done. Aquila and I landed saturday night in Copenhagen. On Sunday morning we headed to the island of Funen, attending LC training. We had promised to help, so off we went.

Despite our concerns about picking up a puppy abroad, it is probably the best decision we have taken. Has Tesla now the playmate she has been missing? The answer YES and it is so nice to see that they fit so well together. They both have the same temperament and activity level are also similar. They can play, run and make trouble in a fun way.

How is it then to have a Cirneco Dell'Etna many will probably ask. We do not know quite yet ... But qustions about a Cirneco puppy, we can better answer. Aquila is temperamental, loving, docile and very willing to work. She really tries to make us happy, and learning through positive reinforcement goes like a dream. We can only say that we are proud owners / parents of this lovely furry little girl.

Liselotte and Brian Kaagaard.
English translation of Brian Kaagard.


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