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Grooming of your Cirneco

Grooming of cirneco is simple. Their coat has no undercoat, it is very short and coarse like horse's one. This was stated in the breed standard of Cirneco dell Etna. Although the dog looks very nice and tidy in any situation, but, nevertheless, some procedures are necessaryfor coat to look sleek and well -groomed.

As a cosmetic and preventive procedure I use a dry massage sisal washcloth (a woven mitten). It removes dead hair , dandruff and dirt gently from the coat. It tones the skin, strengthens the hair. You have to pure dog's hair at least 2 times a week. Dogs love this massage. You can also use rubber gloves.

Dogs, living in housing conditions, have a very noticable ecdysis 2 times a year. In spring and early fall. Spring ecdysis is aggravated by previous winter heating season,when air in the flat is dry and hot. So, don't put 1000 of clothes on your dog in winter. Frost winter promenads provide the push of natural processes in the body, the coat becomes thicker to warm Cirneco in cold air. But hot apartment, however, provokes "stripping" of a dog. Cirneco dell Etna gets bald, the skin becomes dry and dandruff appears.

If you need to put to rights your dog quickly, be sure to place a humidifier in the apartment . Keep peeling with a woven mitten in a day, giving special attention to baldish places. Then massage olive oil in to the skin . It is good to add 1 capsule of fish oil into the food 1 time a day. In 2 -week period dogs hair bounces back, and looks beautiful and well-groomed.
If you feed your dog with raw food, draw attention to a such a product las eggs. Give it to your dog two times a week, and its' hair will always be lively and brilliant.

Birthplace of this rare breed and its' origin allows us to draw conclusions on the fact that "Spartan" (in the best sense of the word!) conditions for this dog is the best way to preserve and maintain its health and beauty.

So, summing up, we can say, healthy coat of Cirneco dell Etna comes to the 3 components:
1. nutrition,,
2. fresh air and exercise,
3. cosmetical care.

Copyright Diana Elisova
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