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cirneco dell etna Cyrenensis Gala

Cirneco dell Etna
Cyrenensis Gala

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Date of birth 11.11.2017.
Height 46 cm.
1st litter (S)

Gala is the rarest gift of her mother Eva. "Rare" in the literal sense, because during her whole life Eva gave only a few puppies, no matter how much we wanted to get offspring from her. It was such a beautiful dog.

Gala grew up in Sicily as a little wild girl, she could do everything she wanted, without borders or limits. Walking on the roof of our house, like a cat, basking in the sun and looking around. Hunting the swift lizards living under the hot tiles.... and there, between the tiles, it’s convenient to hide a fresh piece of meat ... Maybe you can get the meal grilled?

Every morning she went to greet the horses, jumping on four paws to their soft warm noses, frightening them with delicious kisses and unceremoniousness. She got so used to this ritual that once, jumping, as always, to the window of the stable and not finding the horse’s head in it, she couldn’t keep her balance and fell right on the donkey, which was lower than the window :-) Both were frightened :-)

Gala is similar to her mother- she is delicate, gentle and shares devotion. She resembles her grandmother Birba in appearance, manners and ... “hands” :-) Her front legs perform the function of human hands. She greets by them, hugs us and our guests by the neck, scrambles, climbs, gets something, touches, pushes, etc.

She is a friend. Tactful, understanding, very trusting. Obedient and very comfortable at house. She is innocent, naive and does not believe bad things exist because she is only good by herself :-)


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