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cirneco dell etna Cyrenensis Nastya

Cirneco dell Etna



Litter D, 2017

Born on November 7th 2012.

Gaia joined us recently. We adopted her when she already was a grown up, with her own habits and shaped character. I like to observe how adult dogs open up in the family environment, acquire new knowledge and develop skills. They are like puppies who discover the world, everything is new, surprising, all unfamiliar, sometimes frightening, but at the same time they approach things with curiosity. I feel like a pioneer, which shows to them undiscovered aspects of life. I enjoy to see this happy dog, who is encouraged to exceed her own limits. She is thrilled and pleased with simple things, squeaking toys ... Who are left aside by our other spoiled dogs, already not worth a glimpse... ...

Gaia is a very sensitive and delicate cirneco dell etna. She trusted me rather quickly, and now I have a "tail", which accompanies me, walk near my heels continously, all day long. There is maybe... one small inconvenience. Gaia has no barriers, fences or boundaries of any kind ... She'll search me everywhere and always, even if she needs to jump over the 2 meter high fence .... It is appropriate to use the expression "she goes through fire and water for me" ... I am each time relieved she didn't break her leg. Worried about once she will..

She is the daughter and granddaughter of the famous Sicilian cirneco Willy, of Irene Magri. The line which I will carefully cherish. I am very happy that Gaia crossed our path. And I hope that we not disappoint her.


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