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Bronte, Sicily

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cirneco dell etna. sicilian hound

Cirneco dell Etna
Energia Eolica

the owner Darikha Bayhutova
respublica Uzbekistan, Tashkent
tel. +998901882998



Date of birth 29 June 2011

Energia Eolica. Energy of the wind. Nergy for close friends. It is hard to come up with just one epithet to describe her. The very first one that comes to mind is probably – alien. Then it is followed up by unique, graceful, elegant, breath-taking in her beauty and charm…Quick, playful, active and crazy – when I let her off the leash and she dashes to roll in the grass.

Never before have I experienced such feelings that overwhelmed me when I first met her. Even the customs procedures remained as a muted background. As I was approaching the kennel, my heart went still from anticipation. ‘How did she take the flight? How will she take me? Is she alive at all???’ Through the door grid I saw frightened little eyes of the most amazing hazelnut-pistachio color.

It was something celestial! It was a miracle many times over! It was love at first sight. Could it have been any other way? I fell in love with this breed ever since I saw the picture of her mother. It was Anubis of the first water. It was a priceless diamond that by some miracle came to us from the mazes of history. It was an Egyptian fresco that came to life, created by the most skilled master, the Nature herself. It was a gift from the ancient world and civilizations that fell into oblivion. It was a thin binding link connecting us to THAT world. It was an unspeakable feeling. Fascinating. Sending shivers up the spine…

It was pure luck to become an owner of such a dog. When she was still at the breeder, I had to come up with a home name for Energia. For some reason, I wanted it to derive from her full name. Everyone around me would advise, ‘Don’t call her anything close to Energia, she’ll be hyperactive, you’ll overrun yourself’… But I had to have it my way and explained that in this case ‘energy’ did not mean not just physical energy. It was energy in a higher sense, even some divine sense… It meant harmony, light, energy of universal love…

I was right to embed such sense into this name. Nergy turned out exactly this way: harmonious, comforting, delicately sensitive, and in some way even considerate. Not to mention her looks. Refined stop, slightly slanting eyes. The face is dry, as if a bit nervous, which makes it aristocratic as the Akhal-Teke. You could write a song trying to compare this breed to the most beautiful horses of the ancient and modern times. The legs are so graceful, you are afraid to harm them with a clumsy movement. The ears are the most delicate and the most cosmic feature in this dog’s figure. She creates a feeling of insane levity, speed, flexibility… The movements are refined by centuries that left no hint for disharmony.

I do not feel as an owner. I am rather, a collector. And an unashamed one, too. Because it is hard to believe that such preciousness can belong to one person. Cirneco dell Etna should be kept in a museum, were she not a living creature. I only have a right to give her well-deserved care and love her with all my heart. As the most beautiful work of God that she is…

Darikha Bayhutova


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