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Appealing to our buyers

cirneco dell etna puppy We are extremely passionate about our Cirneco dell Etna dogs. And having puppies - is the sunniest period in our house.
Every pup has it's own character, every pup is a personality. Being with us, they are surrounded by love and care, and we give a piece of our heart to every kid in the house.
That is why we are not in a hurry to part with them, and we carefully select an owner for the puppy, an owner suitable for the dog perfectly.

We have no special conditions for buyers. Although, no, there is one very important condition- love and care, that the owners can gift to their future dog. All the rest: exhibition, participation in sports, breeding is not so significant for us. We are not concerned about the searching for "exhibition of hands" for even the most promising puppies. Priority is always kind, caring and loving hands that can provide the pup with a happy dog's life.

In our breeding programm we do not put the beauty of the exterior much higher than the other parameters, because a beautiful but hysterical, spiteful or agressive dog will never bring pleasure for the owner in communication. Therefore, one of the main purposes (not counting magnificent exterior) is to get the puppies with good characters, without even the slightest hint of aggression.

cirneco dell etna and puppy When decided to buy a puppy first look at its' parents. If you do not like their behaviour, you'd better look for another cirneco kid. Note the behavior of the mother of the puppies when you come closer to her litter (no matter how old puppies are, 1 week or 2 months). If she enjoys you, displays her children proudly, allows you to take them into the hands-feel free to take a puppy from this litter. Most probably it can be said that the puppy with such a mother will be complaisant and well-characted.

If the breeder before showing the litter, insulates the mother, explaining that by her aggressive behaviour to protect puppies from people , leave without even looking at puppies.
Particular attention to the character of the future pet should pay people who have a family with small children.

Амбра с моей мамой But coming back to the conditions of sale.
I was very amused by one phrase, which I met in the Internet, "we do not sell puppies to retired people" ... I met it on more than one site. A sort of "consumer information", copied from each other.
I will be happy to sell a puppy to the owner of retirement age, if the person is energetic, active and full of vitality.

I, a young lady, do not have such an incredible energy, which my retired parents have. A small business, winter and summer fishing, 3 cottages, Camping ... Infinite fountain of active and facinating life events. Why can not they be a great company for the dog? (By the way, they have 2 dogs) In contrast to the many young people drawn into children, house and career, accustomed to inactivity in front of the the computer. I am one of them, as my professional activity is connected with the Internet.

I am thankful to my Cirnechi, who are walking me every day in the woods or by the sea :-) pointig me traces of a hare, raising timid deer and lazy pheasants ... Throw their heads up, revealing a skein or a huge balloon hanging in the azure sky ...Make me play catch-up with the ball and shower me with salty sea drops from head to feet,splashing into the foam of the waves.

In fact, many people believe that dogs like Cirneco dell Etna require endless walks, sports training,day jogging and evening jogs with the bike. This is not so. Cirneco, though are capable of great endurance, but are created for speed more than for continuous activity. Development of endurance for Cirneco is certainly necessary, but not paramount. More importantly for a dog while walking to have enough explosive and speed exercises. That is preferable to take short run at top speed, so that there was whistle in the ears, than the slow, but longer hikes. And after an intense sprint Cirneco likes to have a good rest on the couch, sleeping like a log :-)

As Cirneco dell Etna is a rare breed of dogs, people are not familiar with their nature, care peculiarities and needs. So when we receive a letter with a single question, how much is a puppy? ... The respond to this letter will call it a day . Conversely, the positive impression is made by a letter, in which a lot of questions are asked ,where a person shows interest in the breed and the defined dog.
Tell me about yourselves in the letters, for what purpose are you buying a dog, what are your criteria for choosing a puppy, the conditions in which the dog will live, whether you have children or not and whether there are other animals in the house? It is, indeed, important for us to know where and whom we sell the puppy to, as well as important for you as you buy a family member.
I purposely omit the details and circumstances in which we refuse to sell a puppy.

we do not sell dogs in joint ownership;
we do not oblige owners
of our puppies to attend the exhibition, taking part in breeding, chating online, etc. The owner is free to do what he\she sees to be better for them and their pet. Buying a dog, you are responsible for dogs life, but not obliged to us

cirneco dell etna If you reserve a puppy in our nursery , you have a wonderful opportunity to give a nickname for your puppy pedigree by yourselves.
Puppy goes to a new home at the age of about 2 months, when the first vaccination is made and a microchip is implanted. By this time it will be a confident user :-))) of the collar and the leash, be socialized, meet new people, get acquainted with the world. We go for a walk by the sea, in the woods, walk along our little village streets, looking at cars and horses, passing by!

You will always get a lot of photos in this period of life of your puppy from us . We know for sure, these moments of puupyhood can not be repeated :-) And we're sure, you do not want to miss them!
Since the puppy moves to your home, we are always at your disposal, we are glad to make friends, give advices, share problems and joy!

Sincerely, Diana Elisova
the kennel Cyrenensis
+39 388 179 2 967

cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily
cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily
cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily
cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily cirneco dell'etna puppies. Sicily


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