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About the breed Cirneco dell'Etna

ancient dog breeds egyptian

Cirneco dell'Etna vs Pharaoh Hound
and also Basenji, Podenco Ibicenco. Ancient dog breeds.

Among the many oldest breeds of dogs we would like to highlight a special group. This are breeds whose appearance reminds us the prick eared Egyptian dogs whose images can be seen on ancient frescoes. It is in the mythology of antique Egypt the God Anubis (patron of the dead) often depicted as a wild dog Sub, living in the desert. Another well-known image of this deity is a man with a dog's head.

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information about cirneco breed

6 Frequently asked questions about Cirneco dell'Etna

How do Cirnechi get along with dogs of other breeds, cats and different kind of animals?
Does the hunting instinct influence the obedience in walking?
How different are Sicilian hound males and females by character and behaviour?
What is the expected life-span of a cirneco, how old can they become?
How do Cirnechi cope with cold? Do I have to dress them in the winter?
Could you tell more about purchasing and delivery of a puppy from Sicily?

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cirneco dell etna standard

Standard of the breed

Important proportions. Body. Movements. Colour. Size, weight. Faults.

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nutrition for cirneco

Healthy nutrition

With the gradual increase in the number of cirneco in our house, their diet gradually changed as well. But it was so easy to feed our first dog dry food ! She did eat it, of course(the best brands), but just like the kids eat cereal. And because of the fact that she ate it reluctantly, she often seemed skinny,having not extremaly good coat and I often noticed "frost" of dandruff on it's hair....

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About our kennel CYRENENSIS

Our puppies train their legs with their first steps, walking on pebbles and grass. Since the age of 3 weeks, they get raw meaty bones, by removing meat from those bones they make movements which involve and develop the whole entire spine. It is a pledge of strong legs, chiseled body, the beautiful neck, healthy bones and, as a consequence, we reduce the chances of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system (dysplasia, dislocations, ligament weakness, weak joints ...) to a minimum....

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magazine cirneco

Interview for the magazine Cães & Cia, n. 452, February 2017 (Brasil)

The small numbers associated with Cirneco breeding programs might be related to the difficulties involved in purchasing Cirnecos from Italian breeders and the lack of literature on breeding these dogs. “Very few books about the Cirneco are available, and they are all in Italian language. Technical articles are also rare”, says Diana. ....

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Our cirneco dell etna puppy in the Danish magazine

The story of the owner about getting a cirneco puppy, waiting and travelling.
(Translation in English)
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grooming of cirneco

Grooming of your cirneco

As a cosmetic and preventive procedure I use a dry massage sisal washcloth (a woven mitten). It removes dead hair , dandruff and dirt gently from the coat. It tones the skin, strengthens the hair....

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Appealing to our buyers

How to buy a puppy from us.
We have no special conditions for buyers. Although, no, there is one very important condition- love and care, that the owners can gift to their future dog. All the rest: exhibition, participation in sports, breeding is not so significant for us ... read more Appealing to our buyers

cirneco dell etna Onze hond

Our dogs in the Dutch magazine

Era and Birba in the magazine ONZE HOND (june 2014)
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