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cirneco dell etna

Cirneco dell Etna
Colisto's Ambra

Junior Russian Champion
Russian Champion
RKF Champion
Belgian Champion

Pictures of Ambra

1 litter of puppies (L)
2 litter of puppies (E)
3 litter of puppies (A)
4 litter of puppies (N)
5 litter of puppies (О)

Height 49 cm, weight 10 kg.
Date of birth 22.08.2007.

If you have never seen Cirneco dell Etna in real life and you were lucky to meet AMBRA as the first one- you will fall in love with the breed forever. She is the witch. She will just look steady at you- and its over, you are lost.

Her intent look borns mistrust... stupor and fear... submission and curiosity... thirst and you are covered with shiver... Then, when you are bewitched and came to a standstill, she will come to you closely, face to face, and will turn her leathery ear. And she will be justly waiting when you whisper to her how beautiful she is... You have no choice.

But still she will not let you go. She will sit obeyingly close to you, being frozen in delight, expressing respect and sending emanation of love. And if you ask- she suddenly recalls to bring you comfortable home shoes :-)
She will show you her puppies with pleasure! And, as a proud mummy, will be very happy if you take her newborn babies in hands and share her feelings that they are the most beautiful babies in the world!

Ambra is the oldest dog and the progenitor of our kennel.
Very clever and intelligent. Respectful and devoted to jealosy. Very kind to people. But demands discipline from dogs of our pack.
She is Cirneco of a very elegant type. With incredible nice head. Beautiful "swan"-neck and ears of rare beauty which you will never forget!

Its her profile stands on the picture in each page of our site. Where she shows her antecedents by connection with Anubis behind her back. And her dreamy look at Etna and Taormina narrates her subsequent, colourful sicilian hystory. Full of the sunlight, hopes and adventures!

World Winner 2001, Junior World Winner 2000,Italian Champion GUFO Italian Stud Champion RON It. Ch. Artu del Gelso Bianco
IT KVA Italian Brood Champion
It.CH Faruk del Gelso Bianco
Int.Ch.,IT Ch Eta dei Casorati
CHEOPE Manu del Gelso Bianco
Cumadelsirbone del Sirbone


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