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Cirneco dell Etna
Sicilian hound

Cirneco dell Etna . Sicilian hound

Opinion of the buyer

I wrote a letter to Diana and Cyrenensis kennel, six months ago, to follow a child dream: that was have, one day in my life, "Oriental" or "Egyptian" dogs - Cirnechi have the perfect size -, to live togheter with me an my partner Marcio and our Oriental cats, here in São Paulo, Brasil. From the first e-mail answer to the last, Diana was an angel, a professional angel that firmly guide us, in this new way for us, the dog way, and, in the world of dogs, the Cirnechi life.

We really could understand how this world works by Diana words. She really knows the breed.
Anubis entered in our life with some days of age and Diana oriented our choice from the fist day: how the little puppy grows, what we have to do for this, how were the basic types of Cirnechi dogs, how these types appears in the puppies and how they were in adult dogs, how works the barf (bones and raw food: today, in our house, until the cats follow this diet), how the Cirnechi colours and ears grow in puppies development. Real lessons and explanations that passed security to us in this new classroom, new students from a kind and human teacher. Yes, because Diana puts love in her activity of breeding Cirnechi and hands on this.

Moreover, Diana helped us to choice the new female puppy partner of Anubis, Neftis, from the unique Cirnechi kennel in Brasil, Pamer's, of Patricia Mendes.
And moreover, to transform this dream in a real thing, Diana worked hard and clearly in all the detailled process to ship a dog from Italy to Brasil. And when this process was clear to us that the best way to ship Anubis would be one of us pick up him in Catania, Diana was the best hostess we could dream. Diana and Gino received Marcio (and went along him) at Catania's airport, helped and gave him security in all necessary. And opened their world to Marcio, showing him Anubis, all the dogs, the Etna, Taormina... and sending with him the best Sicilian candies I had taste!

I have today a great friend in Cyrenensis, Bronte, Sicily. And one day I will know her personally. Thank you for all, Diana.

Rogério de Araújo Ramos, Brasil
owner of Cyrenensis Anubis

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Dogs of sirocco color

I look at the mummy of Pharaoh in the museum. And I feel sincerely sorry for him. Not because he died. But because his death, this intimate moment of a powerful ruler, now exhibited, shown to us, mere mortals. Sacred remains disturbed moved from the tomb to the museum. He imagined his eternity by this way?

Sandglass already poured a lot of centuries. But all the same crazy wind sirocco like restless ghost of the past, is worn over the Mediterranean. This wind once stole favourite dogs of Pharaoh, and carried it with the storm of red sand to Sicily.

Dogs liked the life on the island. Fearless rabbits and any other game. Unfortunately, Cirnechi didn't not catch on the island plump dwarf elephants (Palaeloxodon falconeri). These elephants were only 90 cm tall and is an example of the phenomenon of island dwarfism. History is silent about why the elephant decided to go extinct before the arrival of Cirnechi ... But it was clear to us :-)

Probably Cirnechi also imbued with the idea of island dwarfism in its evolution. And have therefore grown much smaller than their relatives - Pharaoh Hound and Podengo ibisengo.

Cirnechi have been an eyewitness to a lot during these ancient times. Time has turned pharaohs into mummies, theaters into ruins, destroyed the empire, sunk into the deep straits of Messina monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and forgotten inhabitants of fiery Etna: Cyclops Polyphemus, the god Hephaestus and philosopher Empedocles ....

Only that wind of wandering, this old vagabond with a flute, whispers to my Cirneco about eternity and carefully updates the gilding on her fell ...... They have something to talk about and so many things to remember ... The dog breathed air, and led the nose on wind. She recognized him! I look at her turned wild eyes and see in them slightly opened wind blowing door to the past ....

Our mystical creatures, sometimes have cubs with the same mystical eyes :-)
Learn our plans for future litters on the page CIRNECO DELL ETNA PUPPIES
Write and call +39 388 179 2 967 (Sicily)


February 2017
The mating took place in Sicily!!
more information at the page cirneco dell'etna puppies

cirneco dell etna puppies

December 2016
Our puppy Cyrenensis Bahira Aquila in the Danish dog's magazine!
translation in english

Cyrenensis Bahira Aquila

Update show results.
Very proud on the results of our puppies! Congratulations to the owners! Thank you for handling and the best results!

27th of August, EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2016, Brussels
Judge Mme. Orietta Zilli (Italy)
Cyrenensis Ottoman (junior class), own. Myriam Deboysere
Excellent, 1st., European Junior Winner 2016, Benelux Junior winner 2016, Best male (BOS), Best of breed (BOB). Qualified for Crufts.

Cyrenensis Ottoman Cyrenensis Ottoman

Cyrenensis Mauro (open class), own. Jenny de Savigny
Excellent, 1st., European Winner, CAC, CACIB

Cyrenensis Mauro


26th of August 2016, FCI Euro Sighthound show, Brussel
Orso (junior class), own. Louis Vos
Excellent, 1st., Euro Junior Sighthound Winner 2016, Best male (BOS)

Orso Orso


14th of August 2016, Sighthound festival, Donaueschingen
Judge Mr. Sanchéz García
Orso (junior class), own. Louis Vos
Excellent, 1st., Best Junior, Junior CAC, Best male - BOS.



10 July 2016 Lillers exposition canine club Saint Hubert Du Nord, France.
Judge Mme. Dany Meyer.
Proud on results of Cyrenensis Ottoman, junior class
Excellent, 1st place, Best Junior, BOB
Thank you Myriam for excellent handling of Otto!!!
Cirneco dell'Etna Cirneco dell'Etna


We are very happy to anounce Birba's puppies were born July 3rd, 2016!
More information about our current litter of cirneco dell etna puppies

cirneco dell etna puppies for sale


30 May 2016
Unigue album of the best photos of our puppies, collected during the whole period of the Cyrenensis kennel.
photo of Cirneco dell'Etna puppies

Cirneco dell'Etna puppies Cirneco dell'Etna puppies Cirneco dell'Etna puppies
Cirneco dell'Etna puppies Cirneco dell'Etna puppies Cirneco dell'Etna puppies


15 October 2015
About our kennel
Cirneco dell'etna kennel Cyrenensis

cirneco dell etna kennel cirneco dell etna kennel cirneco dell etna kennel cirneco dell etna kennel


22 August 2015
Monoshow of Cirneco dell Etna, Sicily (Raduno Barocco CAC, Modica)
quantity of cirnechi 33 (15 males, 18 females).
Judge Alberto Cuccillato
We are proud of our results!
Era (open class)- excellent, 1st, САС, BEST FEMALE
Cyrenensis Nastya (junior class)- excelent, 2nd

cirneco dell etna Era best male and best female of the show


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