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Cirneco dell Etna
Sicilian hound

Cirneco dell Etna . Sicilian hound
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cirneco dell etna puppy

Opinion of the buyer
I'm glad to be the owner of Cyrenensis Mira Tina.
Tina is a Cirneco masterpiece with a very nice character.
You did a great job raising her to a healthy, well socialised and, for her age, very well educated Cirneco!
Tina grew up in house, between other Cirnechi. The best start she could get.
We were always welcome to visit the dogs, even before mating, and puppies as soon as they were born.
At least weekly we received nice pictures since the mating until Tina came home.
I want to thank you for the open communication and all advice already given and of not at least for all time and energy invested in raising Tina! If you are looking for a social and healthy Cirneco you should look no further!
Diana and Jackie are serious breeders with knowledge of, and respect for the qualities of the breed ,never hesitating to share knowledge or give advice.

Myriam, Belgium
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Have you ever seen Anubis at the Egyptian frescoes?
And his living incarnation? Not yet?

It is not surprising. I can't imagine a mystical creature walking so easily along the streets.
In ancient times, these dogs accompanied only special people - pharaohs and priests. And now they are also a great privilege.
Dogs for the elite? No!

The answer is simpe: only few people know about this rare breed cirneco

I found information about the breed in 2004. Since then I couldn't think about nothing but this encient treasure. This mystical dog beckoned me and haunted.I found a puppy only three years later, in 2007. Since then I have never regretted taking it.

Literature about the breed is very rare to meet (and that is in Italian). And in many ways my knowledge in keeping these dogs is based on our own experience. I did not expect that the dog I chose for appearance mainly , will present me with many surprises!

I discovered that these dogs have no dog's smell at all. Even a wet Cirneco does not exhale this "flavor." You will not find dog's hair on our carpeting and sofas. Because, despite the fact that these dogs , of course, shed hair, the ecdysis is very delicate and imperceptible.

Cirneco dell Etna are so tidy dogs that they try to get around all the puddles and muddy places. And it is from the category of humor that my older dog visits lulu at house dog's tray :-) And our male-dog does not even have a thought to mark in the house, even when all the females are in heat at the same time.

But the best part for me is not this. In all the years we breed these dogs we have never viasited the vet with health problems.
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Cirneco peculiarities

Cirneco dell Etna have distinctive character. They are independent, have their own opinion, do not like to bow and scrape and will not fall down at your feet, pee-peeing of happiness or begging for mercy. Despite the fact that this is a dog with a sense of dignity, they are not without their internal weaknesses.

Cirnechi are very devoted to their owners. And they trust people very much. These dogs are so infinitely kind to people and children that this quality can be stated in their most picturesque peculiarity. There we can specify their excellent sense of humor as well:-)

A part of the Sicilian sun in your house!
Motherland of these dogs is officially named, Sicily, although this breed looks very much like a Pharaoh Hound, but smaller. (Which is why historians claim that the two species share a similar background).

Custodians of knowledge about the breed are Sicilian breeders. From generation to generation, they preserved unique breed carefully.
We are guided by their knowledge, keeping the Italian type of Cirneco.

Last year gave us a trip to Sicily, the apogee of which was the communication with the local breeders and lovers of the breed! Journey has brought a lot into our breeding work , but the most valuable is the fact that we have receive evidence that the chosen direction in our breeding is right.
Let the world see Cirneco the way the gods have created it!

We are always glad to meet new cirneco-interested people! And will be happy if, through our website, you fall in love with this fantastic breed as well as we did.
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