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Cirneco dell'Etna

Dogs of sirocco color

I look at the mummy of Pharaoh in the museum. And I feel sincerely sorry for him. Not because he died. But because his death, this intimate moment of a powerful ruler, now exhibited, shown to us, mere mortals. Sacred remains disturbed moved from the tomb to the museum. He imagined his eternity by this way?

Sandglass already poured a lot of centuries. But all the same crazy wind sirocco like restless ghost of the past, is worn over the Mediterranean. This wind once stole favourite dogs of Pharaoh, and carried it with the storm of red sand to Sicily.

Dogs liked the life on the island. Fearless rabbits and any other game. Unfortunately, Cirneco dell'Etna didn't not catch on the island plump dwarf elephants (Palaeloxodon falconeri). These elephants were only 90 cm tall and is an example of the phenomenon of island dwarfism. History is silent about why the elephant decided to go extinct before the arrival of Cirnechi ... But it was clear to us :-)

Probably Cirneco also imbued with the idea of island dwarfism in its evolution. And have therefore grown much smaller than their relatives - Pharaoh Hound and Podengo ibisengo.

Cirneco have been an eyewitness to a lot during these ancient times. Time has turned pharaohs into mummies, theaters into ruins, destroyed the empire, sunk into the deep straits of Messina monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and forgotten inhabitants of fiery Etna: Cyclops Polyphemus, the god Hephaestus and philosopher Empedocles ....

Only that wind of wandering, this old vagabond with a flute, whispers to my Cirneco dell'Etna about eternity and carefully updates the gilding on her fell ...... They have something to talk about and so many things to remember ... The dog breathed air, and led the nose on wind. She recognized him! I look at her turned wild eyes and see in them slightly opened wind blowing door to the past ....

Our mystical creatures, sometimes have cubs with the same mystical eyes :-) Learn our plans for future litters on the page Cirneco dell'Etna puppies
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About the breed Cirneco dell'Etna

cirneco dell'etna temperament and information Our site is continuously updated with new information or insights about the Cirneco dell'Etna, articles about the characteristics, the care for and needs of this extraordinary breed.

I share my experiences and the challenges that I faced during raising them and owning these sicilian hounds as a pet. Further you will find detailed descriptions of observations during pregnancy of Cirneco with valuable recommendations.

During the journey of my life amongst Cirneco I studied different ways of nutrition and through the years I have found the best solution, I share all of this precious information on the site.

Every day I receive a bunch of emails from you with numerous questions: What is the average life-span of a Cirneco dell'Etna, whether they need warm clothing during winter, should our cat or parrot fear such a notorious hunter at home, do they have the particular dog smell as well? And a lot more.
All answers to those questions, and many other interesting information is gathered in the section ABOUT THE BREED

Cirneco dell'etna breeder, kennel Cyrenensis

cirneco dell'etna breeder I owned my first Cirneco dell'Etna more then 10 years ago. Since then I could not stop to love of the breed, I set-up my kennel and the fate and love for the breed grew ever since.
Our kennel Cyrenensis is located in Sicily, right at the foot of the volcano Etna, where the ancient cirneco dwelt. Homeland of the breed, it shares many centuries of experience and inspires me!

Our dogs and puppies are raised within our family. They spend a lot of time bathing in the Sicilian sun rays, playing in fresh air and have plenty of space to develop their quick movements and diverse personalities near our olive trees. Puppies get an incredibly healthy start, the best kick-off for their healthy and long life!
Within our kennel we focus on development and socialization of our pups, stimulating them and empowering their talents.
We are experienced in organizing shipment of puppies to any place in the world, our puppies touched land with their paws in Colombia, Brazil, Russia, UK, USA, Belgium...
Read more information in the page CIRNECO DELL ETNA BREEDER

Photos of cirneco dell'etna

photos cirneco dell'etna On the site you will find an abundance of photos of Cirneco dell'Etna. Puppies and adult dogs against the background of the Sicilian landscape, during a walk near the sea, in the forest, in the mountains, at the top of mount Etna ...
Pictures of pregnant dogs ...
Pictures of our Cirneco dell'Etna in several magazines...

Cirneco dell'Etna

Cirneco dell'Etna news!

cirneco dell'etna puppies Era's puppies were born on April 28th! 8 puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls.

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our cirneco dell'Etna puppy in Brasil
I wrote a letter to Diana and Cyrenensis kennel, six months ago, to follow a child dream: that was have, one day in my life, "Oriental" or "Egyptian" dogs - Cirnechi have the perfect size -, to live togheter with me an my partner Marcio and our Oriental cats, here in São Paulo, Brasil. From the first e-mail answer to the last, Diana was an angel, a professional angel that firmly guide us, in this new way for us, the dog way, and, in the world of dogs, the Cirnechi life.

Anubis entered in our life with some days of age and Diana oriented our choice from the fist day: how the little puppy grows, what we have to do for this, how were the basic types of Cirnechi dogs, how these types appears in the puppies and how they were in adult dogs, how works the BARF bones and raw food ( today, in our house, until the cats follow this diet), how the Cirnechi colours and ears grow in puppies development.
Real lessons and explanations that passed security to us in this new classroom, new students from a kind and human teacher. Yes, because Diana puts love in her activity of breeding Cirnechi and hands on this.

Moreover, Diana helped us to choice the new female puppy partner of Anubis, Neftis, from the unique Cirnechi kennel in Brasil, Pamer's, of Patricia Mendes. And moreover, to transform this dream in a real thing, Diana worked hard and clearly in all the detailled process to ship a dog from Italy to Brasil. And when this process was clear to us that the best way to ship Anubis would be one of us pick up him in Catania, Diana was the best hostess we could dream.

Diana and Gino received Marcio (and went along him) at Catania's airport, helped and gave him security in all necessary. And opened their world to Marcio, showing him Anubis, all the dogs, the Etna, Taormina... and sending with him the best Sicilian candies I had taste!

I have today a great friend in Cyrenensis, Bronte, Sicily. And one day I will know her personally. Thank you for all, Diana.

Rogério de Araújo Ramos, Brasil
owner of the cirneco puppy Cyrenensis Anubis

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